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A new jean

hi every one now we bought many jeans and it is one of the type



if you bought this you will get more !


Making human

Once up on a time we have a hope that we will achieve every thing with the help of neighbours but now we don’t no what is happening now! We are very eagerly waiting and  hope fully here for the purpose of making wonder around the world .But now we are unable to help for others if we are able to help but we not done that because of !(that is leave for your thought) so once Think that what is happening around us and how much we support  and react.


If a person (if male) gets an accident on road every one see that but the persons who see that are leave him because of if hey complient to Police may they get RISK! for all these reasons.If the injured person has a chance to live if any one help him but we not that! And we think that he dranks fully and gets an accident!

If a person (Female) same  as above person gets accident on road some of the persons who are not reacts about the above injured person  are reacted here !(why they react that is your thinkfull).

But now a days we are thinking like this! So in this scenario we have to think that what is happening around us,so Behave like human